So soon the girl's marriage was decided by her family. The family is busy preparing for the girl's wedding. That boy also helps in and out! The girl looked at them like a lamb. The first night of marriage, the boy took the girl's hand and said to her, "baby, I will always love you, and there will never be another person who loves you like me.". I don't blame them for your family's disagreement with us. I only blame myself. Don't hate your family. They are also for your happiness. If you are happy, I will be happy. If you are not happy to come back to me, I will wait for you! Always waiting for you. The girl thinks she can't match the boy when she gets married. Besides, she's sorry for the boy. Tell the boy that you are a good man and you will find a good girl. She will never forget his kindness to her. Let the boy not wait for her! Two people tear apart like this! The girl didn't sleep all night! The next day the girl got married. The boy rushed to the girl's house, and the girl had been picked up! He was in the girl's room watching this familiar, empty all dazed! For a long time, the boy left. He went to places he used to visit with girls. Looking for the memory and the past.! After marriage, the girl feels that she has been married. Although her husband doesn't know how to love her, she is also human. Let's cultivate her feelings slowly. Be worthy of others! To her husband and his family. Try to do what a daughter-in-law should do. A year later, the girl has her own children.